A true classic in all its charm


A true classic in all its charm


A true classic in all its charm
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The Wood Lodge is the classic in the world of glamping and safari tents. Imagine, your guests arrive at your campsite or glampsite and are looking forward to their stay. When approaching the tent, the tent door is invitingly open so that guests can already take a look inside. They pause at the veranda to admire the safari tent. Wow, what an ambiance this glamping tent has! The tent has the real safari look combined with a sleek design. The spacious living space is explored and soon the beds are divided and the clothes are given a place in the closets, enough storage space! After everyone has settled in, the whole family takes a seat on the veranda to start their vacation. Wonderful, such a large, covered veranda! Your guests can fully enjoy and relax in this beautiful safari tent. A true classic in all its charms.


This common glamping tent is the most popular in its class for a reason. The tent has a strong frame made of 100 mm spruce and pine wood and a high-quality khaki-coloured inner tent made of KA-46 canvas from Ten Cate. The roof is made of 660-gram fire-retardant M2 certified PVC and available in the colours beige, green and brown. A great benefit is that the Wood Lodge can be supplied in three different standard versions. It comes standard with a spacious living room, large veranda, bedrooms, storage space, kitchen, bathroom with toilet and rain shower. It is possible to adapt the interior to your liking and add additional elements.

Classic, tasteful and comfortable
Suitable for the whole family
Robust frame made of 100 mm pine and spruce wood
Inner tent made of high quality KA-46 canvas from Ten Cate
Roof made of fire retardant 660 grams PVC and available in beige, green and brown
Includes kitchen and sanitary facilities, ventilation system and mosquito net
Spacious veranda of 15m2
3 different standard versions
Option: several heat sources possible


Total Length x width x height: 10x8x3,5m
User space: 5,4x5m (27m2)
Total area m2: 43m2
Number of persons: 2-4
Total Length x width x height: 12x8x3,5m
User space: 5,4x7 (38m2)
Total area m2: 54m2
Number of persons: 4-6
Total Length x width x height: 14x8x3,5m
User space: 5,4x9m (49m2)
Total area m2: 65m2
Number of persons: 6-8

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